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If Facebook asks you show any of the below listed details etc. before they will let you back online.
Do not do it, as some people at Facebook will sell it to hackers and criminal gangs. Somebody could pretend to be you and could apply for a loan under your name, take money from your bank account, commit a crime and give the police your name and address etc. Identity theft is big business for criminal gangs Facebook require you to send any of the following before they let you go back online. What they are asking is not legal as this is a data protection issue.
Birth certificate
Driver's license
Marriage certificate
Official name change paperwork
Personal or vehicle insurance documents
Non-driver's government ID (e.g. benefits book,
national ID card)
residence permit or immigration papers
Tribal identification or status card
Voter registration document
Family certificate Visa Proof of age card
Immigration registration document
Tax identification document

All of the above gives your home address and is useful information for hackers and criminal gangs.