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Patrick O"Donnell.

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Dear Editor, I don’t use Facebook recommendations anymore. I used a painter and decorator called Bill. He was recommended as being cheap and good. He spent three days on the job has said it would only take one. He spent more time on the phone or away from my property. He doubled the price he quoted. I only paid him what he quoted. I am writing this to your readers so that they will be on their guard towards some recommended tradesmen on facebook. This was a year ago; since then I have used 2 workmen I found in the Tried and Trusted with complete satisfaction. I will continue to use the Tried and trusted people in the future. Yours sincerely Mrs. Maggie Willows, London Colney

Mr. Ken Cowinage

Their website only promotes good businesses and having used a few of them both in their magazine and on their website I am happy to report they do only use the cream of businesses.

Brian Thorn

Used three businesses, Handyman, Electrician, and plumber all good highly recommended.

Sandy Cox

When I spoke to the publisher he asked me if I had anything good to say about the magazine. Yes, I said nice articles and of the 6 people I used all were good and no hesitation in endorsing.

Philip Smith

Until I used the mag I used cowboys who ripped me off. Using 4 advertisers in your mag I was never ripped off.

Henry Waters

What can I say, David, Thanks for the guys that advertise with you they do what they say?

Trevor Delaney

Hi, Pat Love your editing skills with some great articles and bless you for giving your profit to charity. PS used 5 of your people in the brochure and satisfied.

Cynthia Stephens

Honestly, Sir, You picked the best forget the rest I used only this mag to find who I want and trust

RJ Hooker

I used over the last 5 years 12 of the traders in the publication all very good. I used to use yellow pages, not anymore

Patricia Wells.

I think all publications should have a health warning when they put in adverts that may not provide an acceptable service. Thanks for the Tried and Trusted

Testimonial from Marion Savage, Radlett

Company: E E C. My first time of using the ‘Tried & Trusted’ magazine, and finally, at last, after years of searching, I have found a competent, all-around house maintenance Company! This came in the form of a gentleman, namely Robin. My initial inquiry was managed efficiently, helpfully and with courtesy. As was the job itself right from to start to finish. I would also like to add that this Company has a very fair and competitive pricing policy. I shall look no further, judging by my personal experience. Extremely good all round. My thanks to EEC for their services, and not to forget ‘Tried & Trusted.

Testimonial from Marion Savage. Radlett

Company: HELP4PC’s Again, this was my first time of using your magazine for computer services. After several years of ‘sticking pins’ in the Yellow Pages to find a satisfactory company to service my desktop computer (usually unsuccessfully), EUREKA at last! A gentleman, called Phillip, was able to solve my problems in my own home. His services proved to be convenient, efficient, courteous, and also came at a very reasonable, competitive price. Once again, I shall look no further. HELP4PC’s have gained my trust. Totally confident in their services, and I shall certainly use them again, should the need arise. My thanks to this Company, and not to forget ‘Tried & Trusted.

Testimonial from Daphne Hilton 

I have been using the Tried and Trusted for a few years now and my girlfriends and I would like to say how much we enjoy the content and the many reliable and trusted businesses that we have used. Please keep up the good work that we are sure has saved us money and all we have used have been the tops, honest prices and clean and tidy

.Daphne Hilton, Borehamwood.

Hello, my name is Keith Bass. (FLOW THE PLUMBING CO LTD)

I first advertised in the Tried and Trusted Magazines in the winter of 2013. I am a fully qualified plumber with vast experience gained over 30 years. I have found my advert to be extremely beneficial to my business. Being self-employed, finding work can be difficult at times. It is usually found through word of mouth from my regular clientele. However, since featuring in Tried and Trusted, I now have a much larger customer base. My business is doing very well and all my clients are very happy with the work I have done. I would like to thank Tried and Trusted for a brilliant service. I would definitely recommend other small businesses to advertise in this magazine. I’m sure they will see their businesses grow as I have. I will continue to advertise in Tried and Trusted for the foreseeable future.

Testimonial from Phillip Lee.

I have been advertising with Tried & Trusted since its launch and it has always proved to be worthwhile. Not only do I receive calls for computer assistance from members of the local community, (enabling me to dedicate more time to them as there is no need for me to travel further afield for business) but also many of these original clients then refer me on to others too, which grows my business by word of mouth. Phillip Lee (HELP4PCS)

my name is Rajan, and I am the owner of North London Gas Ltd.

I specialize in heating systems, pretty much all makes and models, have not been to a system unable to repair for as long as can remember. Try me you won’t be disappointed. I only do boilers and hot water systems; I don’t do bathrooms and general plumbing. Have been advertising with Tried and Trusted,
since the winter of 2017, I have had a few leads and hoping this will increase. Have moved into the locality recently, WD6,
hence advertising with the Tried and Trusted.


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