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Diary of a village waif

I was born on January the first 1885 and a much-wanted child for my parents.
They had been married for 4 years and had almost given up hope when I came
into the world a beloved baby girl of 2 pounds and 3 ounces. I was, so I was
told a very happy child and when not doing chores would play happily on my
own with sticks and stones or with my many friends at school. I was quick to
learn and enjoyed reading the books about history, geography mathematics
and scientific discovery classics and the bible. Every Sunday in my best clothes
I was taken to church. Of course it was compulsory as all the Lord of the
manors tenant farmers were instructed to be in church to hear the fire and
brimstone preaching of the reverend Andrew D Puller. A white haired man in his
late 40s who I was told was the rector of our village church St Andrew's for over
20 years. He was blessed with many children 12 in all age 8 through to 25. He
was so absent minded that one day he asked an 11 year old boy “who is your
father little chap” He burst into tears and cried “you are” and then ran to his mother.

My mother died in childbirth as my expected brother was still born. I was 4
years old then and my father was distraught beside himself in grief. Since I was
born he had tried many times to bring another offspring into the world. He had
made my mother pregnant but 1 month before the due date my mother had a
fall and it was so severe that the accident caused her demise along with the baby.
A month after my mother died my father took another wife from in the village.

She was a widow of a man who had died of Spanish flue and buried a month
before my father married her in our local church. She had no children but in a
very short time she became pregnant and by the time I was 14 she had given
my father 5 offspring and I had 5 half siblings 2 boys and 3 girls. I was the

dredge of the family and my stepmother had me carry out all the chores. I can

remember having to carry several pitchers of water from the village back

to tho  ecottage.

At first I had to use both hands to carry it only half full, as it was too  heavy                                                                for me to carry in one hand.  As I got older I had to carry two full pitchers 

at the same time. At least I did not have to make so many journeys of half a
mile to the village pump and another half mile back to the cottage. Although I
was the oldest child in the family I had to share a bedroom with my half sisters,
and to be their nursemaid and surrogate mother.
6 months before my 16th birthday my stepmother was killed by a runaway
horse. My father made certain that my half-siblings would share the chores. He
did not have my stepmother to boss him around anymore. I think he was
relieved that she had died, as she had been a thorn in his side demanding and
demanding. I often lay awake to hear her shouting at him. He was a placid man
he did not like to argue so she got her own way with him every time. My eldest
sibling was Ivy she was just 11 and was like her mother very argumentative,
but I would not stand and be lectured to by her. I only smacked her face once
so she knew her place. After my show of authority I never had to raise my hand
again neither to her or my other siblings. I was now the overseer not the slave
as I had been to my stepmother.
My father now aged 37 took another wife this time only 20 years old so she and
I got on very well and were the best of friends. However this friendship was
only to last 5 months as my father had written to my late mother's brother in
Devon where had had moved to purchase his own freehold farm. My uncle
wrote back that he would love to have me stay a few months if it was possible,
as he had not seen his niece for 5 years. My father dropped a bombshell with
such force. I could not but feel shocked. He had arranged for me to marry a
man in the village that I hardly knew. He was 60 and I was to be married to him
on my 16th birthday January the 1st 1901. He was the grandfather of my new
stepmother. The arrangement was that he, Hubert Stone the guardian of my
stepmother had agreed to let my father marry his ward. This was on the
condition that his eldest daughter should marry him on her 16th birthday. I met
and talked with Hubert on two occasions and though he was 44 years my
senior I did not feel in awe of him. He promised that after the wedding he
would be careful with me.
I was an obedient daughter but knew nothing about sex. I married Hubert on
my 16th birthday in the local church. The wedding reception was held in the
local village hall where most of the villagers attended. I was grateful for the
advice given to me by a few married women as to what to expect. Once in his
cottage it was quite late and we retired to his bedroom. I looked at the big
double bed covered in many blankets and then Hugh asked me to get fully
undressed and get into his bed. He went outside Slowly I removed all my
clothing and got into bed quickly as I was feeling quite cold. I had never let any
man see my naked body before He did re-appear in a long white shirt. Shortly
afterwards. He slipped in beside me and his mouth was on mine and his hands
were feeling my virgin body from my upper body and down to my secret place.
Soon he was on top of me and I felt his manhood penetrate me. I experienced a
little pain to begin with, but then it changed to ecstasy and he was inside of me
for several minutes before he groaned out loud and lay back on his side of the
bed. In the morning Hugh got up early to milk the cows whilst I lay in bed. I
eventually got up and after washing all my body in cold water I dressed as
warm as I could and took the sheet off the bed to wash it as it was covered in
The product of his impregnation on our wedding night resulted in the birth of
my daughter Molly. This was the only time that Hugh was to seduce me, in fact
after that first night on each time he came to bed he would just kiss me and go
to sleep. I have to admit I did want more affection but the odd kiss by morning
and night was all I was to get. 4 years after we married Hugh contracted the
plague but despite my nursing him his temperature kept rising and he was
loosing weight he could not eat or drink without regurgitating. I feared the
worst and prayed that God would take away the sickness, although I did not
love him, I had respect for him as my husband and father of my daughter. My
prayer was answered and after 8 days he began to take food and water but
was still very weak. He eventually was able to come down stairs but not able to
work the land or feed the livestock. We had good neighbours who lent a hand
on all the aspects of running the farm. 12 days after the plague Hugh returned
to work but was still weak and depended on neighbours to assist him. 4 days
after Hugh went back to work and I was teaching Molly how to read my
neighbour Harry burst into the room breathless. It was the worst news I could
have not expected, Hugh was dead. He was still weak from the plague but had
insisted on climbing up the haystack to collect the chicken eggs where a few of
the birds laid their eggs. The ladder was not secured properly and gave way
throwing Hugh to the ground and as he sailed down to the ground he struck his
head on the corner of the plough that penetrated his skull killing him instantly.
As He was no longer alive his son took over the farm so I moved back in with
my father. My siblings were now older and my fathers 3rd wife had given him 2
more children so we were overcrowded. A letter from my uncle came soon after
my father wrote him telling of the sad circumstances. My uncle once again
reiterated that he would love to see his niece. So it was to be.
I took the train to London changed onto another train to Exeter and a further
local train to the small town of Newton. A distance from this small market town
was the village of Abbott. There were no horse drawn cabs available and my
uncle could not be contacted, as it seemed his telephone was out of order so I
could not ask him to come and fetch me. I did manage to contact somebody
else in the village but they said his house was too far from their house and it
would be dark by the time they got close to his cottage and were reluctant to
go outside at night. My daughter and I would have to walk the 4 miles to his
cottage and it would be dark by the time we reached there. I thought I would
wait awhile as my Uncle knew the time of the train at Newton and was probably
on his way to meet me in his pony and trap. As I sat down on a bench with
Molly sleeping in my arms, I noticed the gentleman in a suit and carrying a
case. He walked towards me and extended his hand “My name is Archie Wilson
and I too am going to Abbott, I could not but help hearing you on the phone,
and I know the gentleman you speak of Henry Sawyer he is my neighbour and I
have a carriage coming to pick me up in a few minutes if you care to travel
with me.” He suggested. . At first I was reluctant but then he seemed to be a
respectable person and I accepted his offer with gratitude.
It was the first time I had ridden in a motorised vehicle. I had seen a few in our
village noisy fast smoking machinery I called them which when they came
close to me I hid from until I gradually got used to them. Archie helped us into
the vehicle. Molly awoke and began to cry but I soothed her fears. Archie told
me he was a lawyer and was 40 years old never married but had been friends
with a female colleague for a number of years. However she was not able to
marry him as her father had already selected a husband for her. She was
reluctant to abide to her father's decision but as her father pointed out to her it
was his money that sent her to law school, so she owed him to marry the
gentleman he had selected for her, a wealthy landowner from the North of
Archie was a talkative and attentive individual and eager to know my history I
related to him as much as I could remember and he seemed bemused by my
tale. Molly had drifted back to sleep, and I could sense that Archie was
memorised by all I could tell him. Impressed too by my command of the English
language and my ability to understand geography history mathematics and
science. He said he found it hard to comprehend my educated manner for
somebody raised in a village and tutored in a rural school. He explained that he
had met people in his life that had been well educated but did not talk like me
or have the knowledge that I possessed. I told him of my love of books and how
reading had helped me to be wise and enlightened on many aspects of life.
Bad luck seems to be my companion on so many occasions death taking
prominence in my life. Death of my mother my step mother my husband and
the stillbirth of my brother. I hope this curse would go. Just as I desired this
curse be lifted the motorcar swerved off the road through a field and came to
an abrupt halt in the swamp. Archie leaned over to lift the driver’s head off the
steering wheel. His head covered in blood a bullet wound in his skull.
Somebody somewhere had aimed a gun at the car. It was still light but fading
rapidly and mist was drifting in at an alarming rate. Archie carried molly from
the car to dry land then came back for me. He was concerned as to who had
taken a pot shot at the motorcar and why. He assured me he had no enemies
that were alive outside of jail, but he had sent 6 murderers in the last few years
to the gallows as the people’s prosecutor.
It was getting darker as we walked towards the village of Abbott, but Archie
assured me it was only half a mile from my Uncles cottage. Once we reached
the village Archie went to see the local policeman and reported the incident
briefly and we continued on our way to my Uncle's home,
My Uncle greeted us and assured me he was going to collect me from the
railway station but had confused the date thinking I would arrive at 8 am in the
morning of the morrow and not 8pm on this day. It was obvious that my Uncle
and Archie were good friends as they exchanged a toast in hard liquor and
invited me to partake, but I had never tasted alcohol before and I almost
choked after just taking a small sip. I remembered they both laughed and my
uncle too it away from me. It was just as well Molly did not see this, as she was
fast asleep on a bed upstairs in my Uncle's cottage. Archie bade us both good
night as he departed to go to his own home via the local police house.
My uncle and myself spent over 2 hours catching up on news from my village
and he telling me about life in Abbott. As we talked we ate a fine meal
prepared by my uncle's wife before she went to visit one of her patients in her
role as a district nurse. When my aunt came in she was surprised to see me as
she too was under the impression I was arriving not today but the morrow. She
hugged and was surprised how I had developed in the last few years since she
left our village in Suffolk. She stole a glance at Molly but as she was asleep and
did not wake her.
In the morning Archie arrived and with a tap on the door entered to see us
seated at the breakfast table. “They caught the blighter that took as pot shot
at us”, He exclaimed he was hiding in the barn behind Jim Wells house. He
turns out he was the brother of a man I sent to the gallows last week. Now he
will follow him of that I am certain for the murder of my driver.” Archie stayed
for half an hour and had breakfast with us. I really liked him I had never met a
man so educated, and the age difference was less than my late Husband. He
asked my Uncles consent to invite me to his house for a meal. He gave it and
when he asked me if I was free to come that evening I accepted without
On entering Archie’s house I was impressed with the décor and for the first
time I saw a real telephone and a typewriter. He showed me how to work it and
offered me the loan of a book that would teach me how to type as it was called.
I remarked he was a good cook as I surveyed the appetising spread on the
table. Chicken, roast potatoes, fresh vegetables, an abundance of fresh fruit,
bread and butter. His smile and chuckle seemed to indicate he was not
responsible for the spread and did admit the Landlords wife at the local tavern
did prepare the food.
I was fascinated by his stories of the courts and life in London and could not
take my eyes off him. I never felt any feelings of desire for a man until I met
Archie, yes if this was the consuming love that I had read about in the romance
novels than this was it. My eyes looked deep into his blue eyes and I wanted to
experience his lips on mine. I sensed he liked me but did know if he felt the
same as I did to let his lips meet mine. I did not want to take the initiative less I
caused him to be offended and blow my chances of getting to know him better.
I was praying that his lips were on mine. God must have answered my prayer
for he moved his face closer to mine “your eyes have me memorised”. He
whispered “and your sweet mouth is drawing me to my lips”. Those words were
all I needed to bring mouth to his and he responded in a way that had me in a
second heaven. I did not want to break from this pleasure and neither did he?
We then found ourselves on the sofa embracing holding hands touching each
other’s face with our fingers. This was love for sure. I wanted to feel his hands
on my naked body but I needed to have patience and respect him as a man
who was like me God fearing.
Over the next few days until Archie had to go up to London we saw each other
every day with the blessing of my Aunt and Uncle and they were only too
pleased to baby-sit my Molly. To the beach we went on a hot sunny afternoon to
a location famed for its isolation. I had the opportunity to swim in a way one
cannot do in public with just my lower under garments on and he in his
underpants. His masculine body made me feel weak at the knees feeling
naughty I wanted to see more. Even though married I never saw my late
husband totally naked or he me, even though I was naked beneath the sheets
once only on our wedding night. There was no light and he never saw me, we
only felt each other. I told this to Archie when he suggested I was an
experienced woman having been a wife, and with child. He was memorised by
my firm breast and I took the initiative to place his hand on my left breast and
he laid his other hand on my right chest. I rubbed his inner thigh but did not go
higher as I could see a growing bulge in his underpants and the temptation to
go beyond what was considered decent was confusing me. Was it right for us to
indulge in foreplay out of wedlock? Would our petting go so far we could not
resist the enticement to indulge in full intercourse on the beach far from the
view of other persons. The cry of an injured baby seagull falling to the ground
just a few feet from us interrupted any further indulgence. As we walked
backhand in hand after our 4th date together. He stopped just before we
climbed the cliff and holding my
Hand in his, bent his knee to the ground and proposed to me “Ruth we have
not known each beyond a week yet I have fallen deeply madly in love with you
and I want you to be my wife,” he paused and in an anxious tone to his voice
continued, “Please say yes”. I did not hesitate I had never been in love before
and I felt so happy and content in his company. Hardly an hour was to pass
when I did not think of him when we were absent from each other's company I
shouted out “yes Archie I want you to be my husband I love you I love you” He
kissed me full on the lips after uttering the words and “I love you Ruth more
than life itself.”
Archie was away in London for two weeks but true to his promise he phoned
me every day. Just hearing his voice got me so excited that my entire body
seemed like it was floating on air. After 14 days away, his telephone call to me
from London he asked me to meet him at the station with Walter the new driver
of his motorcar. Walter was a young man in his late 20's had only just recently
married Sally a girl barely out of her teens, she was also Archie's housekeeper,
though not living in his cottage, she came every day to dust the furniture
sweep the floor undertake the washing of his laundry and when he was in the
house she shared the cooking of his meals with Mary the landlady of the Tavern
who was also her mother. Both the driver, Walter and Sally lived under the roof
of the tavern. Walter was also the gardener and handyman for Archie and I
would often go to my lovers house to learn how to use the typewriter and to
receive his telephone calls. I often indulged in conversations with Walter and
Sally, They became my firm friends, more in particular with Sally who was
almost the same age as me, and she taught me a lot about love and how she
made Walter happy.
I almost soiled my underwear as I waited anxiously on the station platform for
the train to arrive. I saw the steam first drifting along the track and then the
engine puffed its way slowly up to the platform and the loud whistling of the
brakes as it came to a stop. Archie opened the carriage door and jumped down
onto the platform. The soon as he saw me we both rushed into each other’s
arms and prolonged a kiss of mighty proportions.
Over the hot sultry summer days before we married ion the 14th day of
September, Archie was obliged to make 6 trips to London on behalf of his law
firm and their clients. He was not away for more than a few days. We were
happy and anxious for the day we could make love with the blessing of our God
as man and wife. We often kissed and petted but we respected each other’s
lower bodies not daring to go beyond what was considered decent for an
engaged couple. I think we were both tempted, but morals were to remain
intact with the ultimate desires only to be enjoyed on our wedding night, and
beyond into our life of marriage together. Our wedding took place in my home
village of Walthorpe in Suffolk not far from the town of Ipswich. It was a well
attended social gathering for the reception held in the village hall after we took
our vows in the parish church. Of St Andrew’s. Everybody wished us well. This
time I was getting married for love not convenience

copyright DAVROM

Neighbours in love

Peter's story

I hated the late night sales meetings. My area is London yet I have to travel up to Northampton every month for a 6 pm meeting that should last for just two hours. In theory that is but more often than not we don’t get away until 10 pm.

On this particular night Our sales manager was delayed in a traffic snarl up on the M1 so did not get to our meeting place until 7 pm and it was 10 30 pm before we were able to go back to our homes.I moved into my small 2-bedroom ground floor flat in Hawkden North London earlier in the year from my home in Somerset to work for Graves and Wilson selling confectionery to the retail trade. I had been the rep for the firm in Somerset for the past 2 years but reorganisation and merger with a larger firm. Wilson became Wilson and Graves and as they already had an established rep in my area I was asked to take over the London area from Bill Turner who had reached retirement age with Wilson and The Graves rep was caught for fiddling sales so was sacked.

I had converted my second bedroom into my office, as apart from cold calling I had a number of established clients who I could contact by phone and they placed their orders by sending me an email. The new partnership of Wilson and graves were well pleased with my performance as for 3 months running I had been the top salesman in the country in my area of North London.Anyway lets back to the main story.

I was driving back through the main street of nearby East Hawkden at almost 12 30 am when I noticed this lady standing by the bus stop, I had seen her on several occasions as she lived a few doors down from me at number 77. I had on the odd occasion said hello and she responded in similar fashion, but nothing more. I pulled up along side the kerb and wound the passenger window down. “If you are waiting for the last bus I am afraid you are out of luck. The last bus was at 11 10 the next one is not due until 5 10 am” Its ok I am waiting for a cab it should have been here 15 minutes ago but I am getting a little annoyed as its late, I thought you were the cab but I see you don’t have taxi on your car, so thank you but I will phone them again” She paused “ I think Iknow you” she continued I smiled “I should think so I live a few doors from number 77 where you live” .If you want lift maybe I can oblige” I am not sure I do not really know you” she paused and continued, “but then, on the other hand it would seem idiotic not to accept since we both live on the same road”.

The journey to our road was just 5 minutes away but it was to be much longer before she got home.We exchanged names I extended my hand to her and she shook it” I am Peter” I exclaimed I am Julie! Was her response? In the 5minutes it took to reach our road we knew a little more about each other. She was a legal secretary for a firm in Hawk den. She recently separated from her boyfriend of 6 months after a violent row in which he had struck her in the face giving her a black eye and fat lip. She left the flat she was living in with him and moved into 77 Willow way just a couple of months back. Her age quite incidentally was to his surprise 27 the same as his and the same birthday. Was this luck or an omen? He took out his wallet and showed his id card showing his birthday day to confirm that he was telling the truth and she did likewise.

When I invited her into my flat for a good night coffee there was no hesitation on her part. She took off her suede coat and I hung it up on the hook in the hall I admired her elegant figure 5ft 6 slim legs 34 bust petite waist slight brownish colour skin which she told me was from her father who was Italian. Mother English. She crossed her legs as she sat on the sofa and within a few minutes she was sipping her coffee as I sat opposite her.

We exchanged more history of ourselves and time seemed to be of no importance. It was 4 am when I looked at the clock and standing up I exclaimed “Julie it has been nice talking to you but as we both have work this morning best we go to bed” I suggested and added quickly “our own beds of course” She smiled at least you are a gentleman, most guys just want to bed me. That my dear Julie will only be possible if we become an item and then only if we both want to” I explained. She stood up and shook my extended hand and kissed my forehead. I responded with a kiss to her cheek and then helped her into her coat. She smiled “I hope we can do this again I have really enjoyed our chat” Ok if you. Are free tonight about 6 pm can I take you out for a meal” I requested. A broad smile crossed her face as she replied. “only one condition I pay as I owe you for the ride home last night”. “Can we compromise” I suggested “we go Dutch” “Ok I can't argue with that Peter you are a really nice guy she quipped and I felt her sweet lips on my cheek as she said goodnight!

Julie’s story

IJulie’s storyI don’t often stay late at the office but my boss Sam Cohen wanted me to type out a few letters of urgency and promised I need not come in until after lunch. I had completed the required letters by 9 pm when Sam offered to take me out for dinner and of course, I accepted. I was a free agent since I had split with my ex-boyfriend after he had used violence against me.

Sam was over 50 and happily married although his wife was on a family visit to Israel and been away for the past week. He needed somebody to talk to so why not to his secretary.

I had worked for Sam for over 3 years and he was a true gentleman and was very consoling when I split with my ex he suggested that I should have reported him to the police, But I am not a vindictive person and a long drawn out question and answer situation with the law would have been traumatic to me.  Following that incident and the fact shortly before that violent interlude, my father had been killed by terrorists whilst he was on location in Nigeria. I was now an orphan, as my mother had died a few days after I was born.

It was past 12 pm when we had finished the meal and Sam offered to drive me home, but just as we were walking out to the car his phone rang and he took the call.

After he had finished the call he turned to me and explained that one of his clients had been arrested and he was needed down at the police station ASAP. He pushed a five-pound note into my hand and explained “Julie take a taxi home and I will see you at 2 pm tomorrow ok” I phoned the taxi company and was promised a cab would be with me within 5 minutes. The restaurant was now closed so I waited at the bus stop outside.

I kept glancing at my watch the cab was way past the time I was given. I tried to phone again on my mobile but the battery was low and it shut itself off. I was frustrated and hoped that the cab would come soon. I had used this cab company before and they had never let me down.

A car pulled up alongside me was this my cab at last I thought but noticed no taxi sign in the window and as he pulled his window down I noticed the driver was not wearing a badge.“If you are waiting for the last bus I am afraid you are out of luck. The last bus was at 11 pm, the next one is not due until 5 am” he informed me. He explained. “Its ok I am waiting for a cab it should have been here 15 minutes ago but I am getting a little annoyed as its late, I thought you were the cab but I see you don’t have taxi on your car, so thank you but I will phone them again” I retorted but I paused and continued as I was aware that I knew the driver. “ I think I know you” I continued He smiled “I should think so I live a few doors from number 77 where you live” .

If you want a lift maybe I can oblige” I am not sure I do not really know you” I paused and continued, “but on the other hand it would seem idiotic not to accept since we both live in the same road”.

Peter introduced himself for I had often seen him in the road we both lived but only said hello, good morning or good evening to him on a few occasions. He was a good looking fellow 6ft at least with a neat short haircut clean shaven with deep blue eyes and smartly dressed in a good quality suit.

I had not really paid much attention to him in the past but thought he looked nice and respectable but never thought we would have more than passing words, although I think that I would like to have had more than just the odd greeting. If this was a secret wish it had come true.

Conversation flowed easy with us and had no hesitation when he invited up to his flat or a nightcap. “By the way Julie he asked when is your birthday” I am 27 and born on the 1st of June I replied. Peter’s mouth was wide open as he fumbled through his wallet and pulled out his identity card and showed it to me. There it was in black and White Peter Thompson DOB 1 June 1982 and fished inside my bag and showed him my Id Julie Archer DOB 1 June 1982.

The coincidence was it an omen.I enjoyed talking with Peter and it was almost 4 am when he stood up and suggested that as it was late and we both had work that day we should retire to bed. He was quick to add our own beds!

This was a guy I could really like he was not like most other guys who wanted sex on the first date. We agreed to go for dinner that evening. I was happy that I had met Peter and was looking forward to our evening together.It was almost 9 pm when I awoke. I thought I would be late for work, but the activity of the evening and early morning came into mind.

Dinner with Sam then he got called away to attend the police station, waiting for the taxi that never came and my knight in shining armour substituted by a shining silver Honda Civic to my rescue. Peter the man I spent 4 hours talking to in his house. I was sure this was love I felt so comfortable in his company and it was if I had known him all my adult life. Well, we had exchanged many civil compliments over a period time when our paths crossed in our road. I suppose I did harbour a secret desire that he and I would one day say more than Hello, good morning, good evening, have a nice day, or words of similar content.

I showered ate my cereal all before 9 45 am. I remembered that Peter said he had an appointment at 11 am and would leave his home at 10.30 am. I selected a pair of low cut denim shorts, a yellow T-shirt over my white underwear and wore my pink trainers before I decided to visit him, confident he would be pleased to see me.

It was starting to rain as I reached his house door and rang the bell. “who is it” Peter called out “It is  me, Julie, am I disturbing you, Peter.“ I replied“No of course not” he continued “but give me time to put some clothes on “ “What are you wearing now” I responded “Well I was naked but I just put a towel on” came his chuckling reply. That's OK I watched many men in towels before at the gym, haha, I can't wait for you to get dressed as it is raining cats and dogs out here, or should I come back later”. I retorted.


Peter opened the door and I walked in. He was wearing a yellow towel that went below his knees. I gently patted his waist with the palm of my hand “Nice strong torso Peter Guess you are a Gym user too.” He chuckled your not so bad yourself very slim and petite”. He paused for breath and continued “Which gym do you use” “Walkers in the High street Mondays and Thursdays” he informed me. Then passed me a cup of coffee and I sat down on the stall by the table and let my legs dangle a few inches from the floor of my 5ft 1-inch height. It was obviously not made for this stool. more suited for Peter who had earlier informed me was 6 foot 4, so when he sat down his feet were firmly on the floor.

“I use the same Gym Tuesday and Fridays.” Was Peter's reply. “I hope I am not keeping you as I know you have an appointment at 11 am I interrupted as he was about to speak. “Yes well excuse me but I better get dressed” he exclaimed as he walked towards the kitchen exit “ but don't go I will only be 5 minutes or less”. He had barely exited the kitchen when his mobile on the breakfast bar played a tune that I recognised as only the lonely.

He came back into the kitchen holding his towel firmly and took the call. I was feeling naughty wishing the towel would fall and I could see him in all his glory. Having finished the call he put his mobile back on the breakfast bar. He sighed “that was the daughter of my 11 am is my appointment, He has swine flu and obviously cancelled our meeting”. He sat back down on the stool. “So what do you do now Peter “I enquired. Do some cold calling in the afternoon I suppose” he paused and concluded “what time do you leave for work Julie” I looked down at my watch it was a 5 minutes after 10 am “ In just under 4 hours” I exclaimed.

Peter smiled “what can we do together for almost 4 hours” This! I responded as I stood up and held his head in my hands and kissed him full on the mouth. His reaction was what I had envisaged. He lifted me off the stool and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

I was aware that he had parted company with his towel more by accident than by intention

Peter's Story

I said goodnight to Julie with a sad reluctance, I was enjoying her company but realised I had to work later that morning and sleep deprivation was not an option when driving in London as one had to have their wits about them with so many idiot drivers on the road. I pulled an extra pillow out of the cupboard and held onto in bed letting my imagine think it was Julie.

I had never felt like this in my life before. I was glad I had finally realised my wish to talk with her and now I was smitten and hoped she felt the same about me. The pillow that I had cuddled that night had somehow slipped down the bed and was between my legs when I woke up it was just after 9 30 am.

I had slept for about 5 hours and I hoped it was enough for the rigours of the day. I took a quick shower and went downstairs my towel over my shoulders. I had barely entered the kitchen when the doorbell rang. “Who is it” I enquired It 's me Julie am I disturbing you, Peter.“ she exclaimed “No of course not” I continued “but give me time to put some clothes on “ “What are you wearing now” she enquired “Well I was naked but I just put a towel on” was my instant reply. That's OK I watched men in towels before at the gym, haha, I can't wait for you to get dressed as it is raining cats and dogs out here, or should I come back later”. She requested.

I opened the door and Julie entered with a smug smile on her face, She rubbed my stomach with her hand “Nice strong torso Peter, You go to the gym .” she grimaced “you are very slim and petite”. I continued after a pause “What gym do you go to” “Walkers in the High street Mondays and Thursdays” she informed me. I passed her a cup of coffee and she seated herself on the stall by the table and let her legs dangle a few inches from the floor. “I use the same Gym Tuesday and Fridays.” Was my reply. “I hope I am not keeping you as I know you have an appointment at 11 am she interrupted as I was about to speak. “Yes well excuse me but I better get dressed” I suggested as I went to exit the kitchen “ but don't go I will only be 5 minutes or less”.

I was just about to go up the stairs when my towel slipped so I tried to refasten it when my mobile rang and I returned to the kitchen to take the call holding my towel firmly and took the call. It was the daughter of my client that I was meeting at 11 am She told me her dad had the swine flue and could not keep our appointment. I had finished the call and returned the mobile to the breakfast bar. I sat back down on the stool. “So what do you do now Peter” she enquired. Do some cold calling in the afternoon I suppose” I suggested and concluded “what time do you leave for work Julie” She looked at the clock on the wall

“I go to work in 4 hours” she replied. I let a cheeky smile drift across my face and asked her “what shall we do together for 4 hours” This! She responded and after lifting herself off the stool she held my head in her hands and kissed me full on the mouth. My reaction was to embrace her and I stood and she entwined her legs around my waist. I was aware that my towel had fallen to the floor but was unable to pick it up as Julie was resisting that intention by holding me firm with her legs.It was inevitable she had something else in mind and I was not going to object.

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                                Another body


There I was walking along the road when I was aware of this out of control truck heading towards me. I was hit and thrown into the air I was smashed down onto the road where I was run over by a car. I saw the light a long way off in a tunnel. I felt relieved that I was not in any pain and was going towards this light. Next thing I am aware of is being in a cot and my body had shrunk I had no teeth.

I was aware that I was a baby, not the same gender when I had left the earth. Was I to undergo another life full of misery like my last life? I was born to a girl hardly out of her teens. Abandoned on the steps of a church. A family that was kind to me adopted me. When the lady who had adopted me with her man died, I was sent to another family at the age of 7. My new guardians were not the nicest of persons. I am being generous as they were really nasty. I was a slave to their requirements the floor I had to wash every day. The beds I had to make the dusting I had to do and as I got older I had the cooking to do. I was never let out of the house.

I did escape when by accident the lady who was my guardian left the door unlocked and I ran out into the street. I saw the lorry coming but could do nothing. This second life as a boy was happier and my parents treated me well. Presents galore for my birthday and Christmas. As I grew up, I made many friends. I found it difficult that I could never get it out of my mind my previous life of drudgery.

I was 12 and on my way home from school having just said goodbye to two of my friends. I saw the couple that had been my guardians walk arm in arm. I decided to follow them and as they entered the house I looked through the window by standing on a wooden box. There was this girl inside that looked just like me while I was alive as a girl older looking by at least 12 years. It felt strange I was looking at myself.

I could not understand it the girl who I was, was dead killed by a truck and a car. What was going on my mind was in a state of uncertainty. Then I remembered I had a twin who was fostered by another family and somehow this nasty couple had acquired my twin and treating her the same as me.

My plan was to try and get my twin out of this house. I knocked on the door. The man opened it and I threw a stone at him that caught him on the side of the face. I went to run away and he came after me leaving the door ajar and my twin of my previous life was able to escape. I was too fast a runner for my assailant to catch me and doubled back to see my twin of another life and persuaded her to come to the police station. She did not hesitate and the story she told to the police as I sat and watched her was enough to convince the police that a crime of slavery had been committed.

I remained friends with this girl who had been my twin and as time went on despite her being 12 years older than me we became friends but I never did tell her that I was her twin in my previous life.

The couple had imprisoned her were found guilty of the serious crime of kidnapping and slavery and were sent to jail.

I never knew this until later that the couple who had been my real parents in my new life had adopted this girl and she had been stolen from them. So there was with my former twin living in the same house with my living real parents and she as my sister albeit as her stepbrother. In reality life in a strange way brought us together again and retribution to that nasty couple

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