Royal Wootten Bassett  High Street

The City Square Truro.

The Bus park in Chippenham.

The crooked bus stop in Faringdon.

A local bar in Bath.

Local Government office In Calne.

The river in Tiverton

Monday 17th of July Three buses took us to London 292 to Apex Corner 113 to Oxford Circus and the 13 to victoria. We walked from the railway station to the coach station. Just before 11 pm we boarded the National Express coach to Penzance. Sleeping was unlikely as the movement of the bus prevented this. Despite delays for accidents on the M4 we arrived at Penzance at 2 minutes after 9 so only 2 minutes later than the scheduled time. We had a few minutes to freshen up and the usual ablutions before we started our return trip to Boreham wood. Our first bus was the T1 to Truro and it arrived very late at this destination due to heavy traffic congestion. We were over two hours on this bus. We had time to grab ourselves a breakfast at the 3 rivers café in the town, with little time for anything else until we boarded the 95 to Wadebridge. We had an afternoon tea in the community café and a toilet break before onwards to Bude on another 95. The next bus was the number 6 to Exeter our final destination for the first day. We ate at the cavalier a Witherspoon pub where we both had ham eggs and chips. In the morning before 9 am we walked to the bus station that took us over 20 minutes where we boarded the 55 to Tiverton with a quick changeover here to get on the next bus 22 to Taunton. To Wells on bus 29. To Bath on the 173. The next bus X31 to Chippenham and onto the 65 to Swindon our second night’s accommodation. We had dinner at the Sir Daniel another Witherspoon pub. At the same pub we had our breakfast before we boarded the 66 to Oxford at the bus station. It was long walk to get the 275 from Oxford High Street to take us to High Wycombe As this bus did not leave from the bus station. It was the tightest connection of the entire trip. Lawrence fitter than I went ahead and asked the driver to wait for me and I was only minutes behind him. Once on board the bus moved off. From there we took the 336 to Watford. A 142 came along as we waited for a choice of buses to take us home. This bus took us to Edgware bus and train station where the last bus we took was the 292 to Boreham wood. Getting home at about 4 pm. This trip was not without incident Lawrence had serious back problems as I did too, he also twisted his side. I had a tummy bug, which meant I was always looking for a toilet. Do not laugh but I acquired nappy to save problems that were occurring. I had this problem before leaving home but I did not want to let the side down. The other problem was my dislocated shoulder now into the 14th week of pain. I was not going to let that stop me going. We covered over a 1000 miles in From 8 30 pm to Monday to 4 pm Thursday. In less than 100 hours and went though over 250 towns and villages some with unusual names like Box, Street, Borham, Beer, Catsgore, Charles bottom, Coldwind, Crackington Haven, Fruitful Cove, Happy Bottom, Lacock and Scratchy bottom etc. Total time spent on the coach and the buses exceeded 45 hours.

Video of Truro the first town we got to after leaving Penzance

Exter where we spent the first night 

Our second night out in Swindon

The national Express station in Victoria London

To date we are just under £1000 with the required total of £1500  If you have not donated yes please feel  free to do so 

We estimate that once we have collected our promised donations it will take us over £1000

send your cheque to Ampsuk Tried and Trusted Co Ltd. 24 Oak farm Borehamwood WD 6 2 DD Lawrence Stack and other members of Tried and Trusted will be at 96 Shenley Road on the next three Saturdays from the 26th of August where you can make your donations from midday to 4 pm 

Lawrence and David who made the trip back to Borehamwood from Penzance.

Raising money for a blood pressure machine for Edgware Hospital Kidney Unit

Some of the buses we traveled on