A Bizarre allegation

5 months after her allegation that a man had attacked her sexually a woman signed a statement in the presence of a police officer. Two allegations were sexual. The second allegation took place two months later when she claimed the same man abused her with both hands. In a crowded room, she said this man put his hand on her buttocks and squeezed them. His other hand was sliding up her skirt. The squeezing of the buttocks continued after she turned around to face him. This was impossible as in this situation one or both of them would have fallen on the floor. She did not say that she tried to defend herself but let this abuse continue and only a gasp was what was uttered from her lips. Her lover only two feet in front of her made a statement to the police that he did not see any expression on her face, hear her gasp, or see the incident she described. What he did see was this man walking past him with a plate of food in his hand. The woman also claimed she was talking to another person a female friend when this happened. This person did not see anything either. 

In the first allegation, the accused man’s daughter made a statement that she saw nothing of what she described. The person she said she was talking to when he abused her was not called as a witness. Having signed the statement in front of a police officer that the incident was sexual, she then claimed in court that she never thought it was sexual. Contradicting her signed statement in court.

The woman hypnotized the Jury the judge and the two barristers with a very emotional theatrical performance on the witness stand that she was traumatized so badly that it had affected her life to such a degree that she was unable to go out on her own. The defending lawyer misread the situation by failing to ask significant questions i.e. Who was the person she was taking too when the accused man abused her and are they a witness. Why did she sit next to him twice he asked her but not for the reason given that she claimed in her victim statement she shook and cried every time she saw him? She said that she did sit next to him but the defense lawyer asked no further questions.

Three times she had sent emails to him of a business nature having spoken to him first. Between the first allegation and the statement to the police. Many people who will declare that she showed no signs of her stated trauma on seeing him on numerous occasions. The Jury was so taken by her emotional performance on the stand that they ignored the obvious lack of convincing evidence from the only witness who contradicted her statement. The Defence lawyer did not want the accused man to go to the witness stand or any other witness. The judge did not give the right directions to the jury. Earlier he had denied their claim of reasonable doubt claiming they must find him guilty or not and to go by their feelings and of their life experiences. He should have stated that the only evidence given was by the accuser and nobody had seen what she claimed.

The jury unexpectedly found him guilty based only on her emotional performance. Had the defense lawyer asked all the right questions the verdict would have been not guilty. It seemed that the defense barrister was feeling uncomfortable to ask further questions of a lady who was obviously exhibiting signs of losing consciousness with her emotional performance.

When the man was sentenced she was on the court again crying her eyes out. The prosecution read out her victim statement that it seems did not impress the judge as he refused the prosecution costs and compensation to her of £3,500. I do not think the judge intentionally mislead the jury, that is probably why he tried to make amends. The man was given a suspended jail sentence of 3 months and placed on the sex offenders register only on the evidence of the lady who it is obvious lied to the court. He had no alternative but to give the minimum conditions and sentence that was laid down in law.

An appeal was granted on the grounds of an unsafe verdict and has taken over a year to be heard. 17th of November 2017 he was sentenced on the 9th of August 2016
The appeal was lost as the three Appeal judges said that the trial counsel should not be criticised and refused the appeal. This is why a recent survey showed 80% of those who voted said the Legal system was not fit for purpose.

A true story that ruined a man's reputation, and business.
It also made him physically and mentally ill. 
Was the woman's  motive to ruin his business or thinking he was a very rich man wanted compensation for her false accusation.