The Wood High Street looks a lot livelier now. Fewer shops are empty. The same is also true of Lemming and Aycliffe Roads as all shops are now occupied there once again. a gaming shop for kids and an interior display shop.

There is a problem though rents have been vastly increased and some businesses may not be able to afford the high rents being charged by Hertsmere Borough Council.

A few have already moved on over the last few years. The flower shop,  greengrocers, second-hand furniture shop, car parts shop, Decorators supplies, Salt shop, Jewellers, Driving school, Car sales.To name but a few. All of them have been replaced. At least one shop has had at least 4 different businesses in situ in the last 7 years.


Daisy Lloyd who has been in the academy for 14 years now age 17 opened the proceedings at the event with a her first of two songs 
Lawrence and David.
15 buses  from Penzance to Borehamwood
In response to these hard times, many retailers are forced to shut their doors, but if rent alone is the make or break issue in keeping your business alive, perhaps there is hope – if – your landlord is willing and able to work with you, and you armed are with the right ammunition.Not every property owner will be able or willing to work out a new deal, but that should not keep you from having the conversation. If you have been a good tenant, paid your rent on time, and are an asset to the landlord’s property you should arrange to meet your landlord and explain your situation. Unless he/she has been living in a cave too, he will not be surprised to get that call!If your revenues are down because of the bad economy, you could share your sales receipts with your landlord so he can see you still have a viable business, but you need some help to get over the hump. Most tenants are reluctant to have this conversation, it is always difficult to admit that your financial situation is not as stellar as you would like. But, frequently, a property owner will be willing to work something out with you rather than have you shut your doors and leave him with an empty space.This is not the case with Hertsmere owned property it seems they want empty shops. As a last resort, they could put in another charity shop as we all know they don't pay as much as a normal business. As one business owner said to me John Graham and his asset team have blocked their ears.A new client is given preferential treatment, only paying £10,500 and a ten-year lease whilst a tenant who has been with the Hertsmere Borough property for 7 years has only been offered a 5-year and their rent doubled from £6,000 to £12,000 to lease for a smaller shop on the same road. It is not a level playing field my friends.
Hertsmere Borough, greedy council.

From the Elstree and Borehamwood Times

Following the massive rent increases charged by your Hertsmere Council for their properties in Leeming and Aycliffe roads, a number businesses have ceased trading as they are struggling to come to terms with their new rents. By massive hikes, we are talking about between 75% and 400% increases requested. Some have already settled with more than double being charged. Inevitably in this deprived area of Borehamwood, the leaseholders of the shops will have to increase their prices dramatically. In the high street where properties are owned by private individuals and company, the prices were not increased substantially. In fact, rent asked for by Hertsmere Borough Council were higher than prices being asked for on the high street
The Reviva Composting site on Elstree Hill South
is run by the Lewis Brothers. In 2009 they received
planning permission to process green waste -
mainly wood which would not produce much
odour or dust. The site would employ 3-4 staff.
Somehow in 2017 we see in Reviva's Planning
Statement dated October 2016 that the site employs
20 staff and it is used to process biodegradable waste which produces gases including methane (which they state is 25 x more harmful than carbon dioxide) ammonia and sulphur (smell of rotten eggs). The smell is now so bad that people throw up when they catch it. Considering there is a nursing home within 300 metres of the site and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is less than 1 km from the site the potential risk to the old and infirm must be substantial. The authorities are reluctant to shut down the site because 1) it helps with Hertfordshire's total recycling figures and 2) It employs 20 people. Neither of these considerations excuse this assault on the health and quality of life of those residents affected. They think that the bad smell is something that residents have to put up with. Legal moves to close down this monstrosity may drag on for years. This site must be closed down and as soon as possible. What is needed to get the site closed down is for an overwhelming number of people to register complaints to the Environment Agency and Hertfordshire's Environmental Health. If you believe odour is coming from the site and you consider it offensive then please contact the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60. The incident hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is very important that they receive complaints when there is an offensive odour present in order to allow them build a picture of what is happening on the site. They calculate your position and the wind direction to build a map of the area affected. Better still you should phone the contact number for Hertsmere Council's Environmental Health (EH) at 0208 207 2277. Please contact EH about the stink emanating from the Reviva site and tell them how it is affecting your life in detail.
The details will make your situation real to the
person taking your call. As call after call is received
the staff will be on our side and their attitude may
well influence the people who make the decisions.
No manager wants to be seen as heartless and cruel
by his staff. Ensure that your complaint is formally
registered with a reference number. More information
at the Elstree & Borehamwood Green Belt website www.ebgreenbelt.org



To complain to the Environment Agency please ring 0800 80 70 60 and register your objection when you smell the dreadful odour and put pressure on for reform. ...