As a hobby in 2009, David decided that he would produce a magazine for Borehamwood recommending local businesses. He had 2000 copies of a 12-page A4 size printed at his own cost as the Pilot edition. At that time none of the advertisers paid.
There were 40 people who advertised in this edition of which half of them are still with us to date. Some, unfortunately, have ceased trading.

As we had financial constraints in 2010 following the introduction of the new coalitions cutbacks. It was decided to take a break and no publishing until Easter 2011 and the third edition came out at Christmas 2011.

We also increased the number of copies to 10,000 per edition from Christmas and have been maintained ever since. Both the editions in 2011 contained only adverts.

Our fourth edition contained the first editorial of 12 articles including 2 Councilor profiles and a local personality profile. It also had reviews of books written by local authors. It came out at Easter 2012.

After this edition, we started our Charity Donations and it’s our policy ever since to give away all our profit to local charities and good causes.

The very first charities that we helped were Herts Junior Chess Club, Brookside Boys Club, and The Seventh Borehamwood Scouts.

The fifth edition, which came out for Christmas 2012, was a 40-page edition, which we maintain the same number of pages to date.
We hope to maintain the same.
This time the chosen charities for the help were The First Shenley Cubs and The Borehamwood Flyers Junior Swimming club.

In 2013 we progressed and moved a step up the ladder by increasing the number of editions to three annually. We called them Easter, Summer and Christmas Editions. We were really pleased by the support we had from local people and businesses. This year again we made several Charity Donations to Local Charities.

In 2014 we decided to advance further and went up to four editions annually. So in two years, we went up from two to four editions annually. So, we could cater for more areas in Hertsmere. We added Aldenham, Bushey, South Mimms and Radlett, to Borehamwood, Elstree and Shenley This ensured we guaranteed 20,000 copies to each area twice a year.

 In 2017 we added collection points in adjacent areas like Kenton, Edgware, Stanmore, Mill Hill and St Albans. We added London Colney for delivery following many requests from residents in that area.

To date, we have given over £30,000 to more than 30 Charities or local good causes. This included three film award functions, Christmas Dinners for Mencap and BBQ for Herts Air Ambulance.
Our Charity bus-rides from Penzance for Edgware Hospital Kidney unit in conjunction with Lawrence Stack and the Elstree and Borehamwood Rotary Club.  We hope to raise £1500 for a new mobile Blood pressure Machine. To date, we have collected over £1100.00 so only another almost £400 will see us to the required amount.

If you would like to donate please send your contribution to AMPSUK Tried and Trusted Ltd. 24 Oak Farm Borehamwood WD6 2DD. You could also find Lawrence Stack outside 96 Shenley road Saturday 2nd and 9th of September from 12 pm to 4 pm 

Contact Us
Phone: 020 8953 7132 or 079 396 70055
Email: editor@triedandtrusted.co