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When Alison Saunders became Head of the CPS she said any woman that complains she has been sexually assaulted must be believed, and the man charged

It is then not up to the woman to prove she has been assaulted but the man to prove he did not assault her.

If the man is lucky enough to be found not guilty and has been able to pay out a fortune for a top barrister, the woman cannot be named. Under Mrs. Saunders directions even if the man is found not guilty she will not face any charges of perjury, perverting the course of justice or wasting police time.

Over 30,000 it is not a misprint it is 30,000 plus innocent people went to jail because they could not afford a barrister and were refused legal aid.

Mrs. Saunders has been sacked from her position we think because of her harsh directions.

It seems all the public defender has to do is to turn up and go through the motions of defending his client. He can refuse to hear witnesses or even to direct his client not to give evidence. 

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