Co Founder David Burcombe

from 2009  to 2018 

Co Founder

The Late Roma Zite 

from 2009 to 2015

We have vacancies in our Magazine for businesses that are able to provide an Honest, Reliable, Professional service with value for money.
Three checkable references must be supplied and up to date proof of qualifications and insurance is essential.

Private InvestigatorsSolicitors/lawyers
Chartered Surveyors
Window Cleaners
Removal Services
House Sitters
Television Repairs
Education Tutors
White Goods Repairs
Furniture Repairs
Painter and Decorator
Sign Writers
Upholstery Repairs
Beauty Therapist
Fire protection services
Will writers
12 months advertising on our website only £52.00
includes your own advertisement.
12 months advertising in our magazine from only £50.00 
To reach up to 25,000 businesses and homes

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There are 6 other members of staff who are writers, designers and researchers.

Our magazine goes where it is wanted and is published 4 times a year every quarter to reach up to 25,000 businesses and homes in Hertsmere & adjacent areas. distributed door to door into Arkley, Aldenham, Borehamwood, Bushey, Elstree, Radlett, Shenley and London Colney, Edgware/Mill Hill border.  it is also available from selected outlets in Barnet,  Kenton,  Stanmore, and South Mimms.  

12 months advertising on our website only £52.00
12 months advertising in our magazine from £100.00
that will  reach up to 40,000 letterboxes every year 
Studio/Office 020 8207 4993

Q Who can advertise in this publication and the website
A. Any businesses that will provide 3 checkable references and proof of qualifications and insurance
Q. Why are a few of the advertisers outside the area of physical distribution.
A. We could not find a business that we were happy to promote in the area
Q. How high are your standards.
A. We only promote businesses that are Honest, reliable, professional and value for money.
Q. If you get a complaint about a business what do you do.
A. We will investigate and if we do not get satisfaction from that trader we will remove them.
Q How do you decide if the complaint is genuine.
A. In all cases where we have withdrawn a trader, there has been more than one complaint.
Q. Will any trader be allowed back in the magazine if they have been removed.
A. We never reinstate a trader who has been removed.
Q. If they provide evidence they have improved or there is a change of ownership.
A. Yes, we could reinstate only if there is a change of ownership, and for no other reason.
Q. Do traders approach you to advertise or do you ask them if they want to advertise.
A. They ask us but a few a members of the public or another advertiser will recommend them
Q. Do they have to pay to go on the website as well as the magazine.
A. If they are in the magazine entry onto the website is free. Some are only on the website.
Q. Is all the profit donated to local charities?
A. Yes including any fundraising activity that we sponsor.
Q. Do any private individuals make any donations?
A. sometimes 
Q. Can anybody else or has anybody else made donations to the magazine.
A. Indirectly yes at our donation party some will make a donation to the pot.
Q how many staff are involved in the magazine and website.
A. 5 permanent staff of which 4 are paid. Up to 10 who write or contribute, plus occasional writers.
Q. Are you looking for writers or other staff in the future?
A. Interested in all contributors and training younger staff for the future as 3 of us are over 70. and two into their 80's.
To advertise in our magazine or on this website we need three checkable references and a face to face meeting with the publisher and editor. All advertisers must give an undertaking that they will be honest, reliable, professional and give value for money.
                            Over £37,500 has been donated to local charities

OVER £37,500 has been given to over 30 Charities and good causes by the Tried and Trusted  All donations were made by Town or Borough Mayors and councilors. Since the Autumn of 2015, the donation pot was boosted by the publisher's own council salary. Among those that have received cheques from the Tried and Trusted donation pot were; Two Borehamwood Scout troops, Radlett guides, Shenley cubs, Brookside Boys club, Hertsmere children's drama and dance group, Ark disabled Drama group. Hertsmere Community Transport, Hertsmere Mencap, Hertsmere Children's Centre, Borehamwood Baptist church youth club and lift fund, Hertsmere junior chess club, Otters disabled swimming club, Borehamwood junior swimming club, 2 Borehamwood junior football clubs, Two local food banks, Toddlers park in Shenley, Shenley and Borehamwood Seniors citizens clubs, Bereaved families group, Gratitude, St Teresa's church hall, used by many charities FOC. The Elstree and Borehamwood Museum. The Hertsmere Mayors charities in 2016 to 2017, The Herts Air ambulance, Elstree and Borehamwood Defribulater campaign, Visually impaired club, The Elstree and Borehamwood Rotary Club, Rossington youth club. Peniwells disabled riding school Child safety campaign in Cowley Hill  The Edgware Kidney unit with help from other organizations etc. We thank the advertisers and the general public for using the services of the advertisers and supporting other events that we have organized either on our own or with other people or organizations. Our ongoing campaign supported by the Rotary club and Lawrence Stack for a blood pressure machine for the Edgware hospital Kidney unit. cause. Both Lawrence and the publisher of this magazine traveled on 19 buses and one coach to Penzance and back to raise money for this endeavor. We reached our target of £1,300. A presentation was made to The Kidney Unit and this picture and presentation by Lawrence Stack can be seen in our summer edition.
The Tried and Trusted is the only real local magazine in private hands that that reaches the places others fail to reach.
Published so that the local public will not be ripped off  by rogue traders 


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We have delivered 40,000 copies each year since  2013 to areas such as Borehamwood, Aldenham, Bushey, Elstree, London Colney, Shenley, Radlett and South Mimms, and to selected outlets in Barnet, Edgware, Kenton,  Mill Hill and Stanmore etc.

Unlike other publications, we always publish how many copies we deliver and to which areas we cover proving we have nothing to hide.

There are some magazines that are hiding the identity of the publisher, printer, their distribution area, and the quantity delivered.

We have no objection to any business that wants to advertise in another magazine but first check where does it go, how many copies are published, who is the publisher and printer. If this is not shown in the magazine I would be suspicious, what are they hiding? 

In some cases, there is no telephone number or only an email address. A number of our friends have told us that they got no response from their emails sent. Those with a telephone number that always goes to answerphone and they do not respond.

The Tried and Trusted is transparent with its identity with both the publishing and printing addresses shown in the magazine, our distribution area and the quantity printed. Some magazines are offering advertisers an unrealistic price to break their association with the Tried and Trusted. Thankfully most of our advertisers are loyal.

We are the only local publication that declares that it donates all its profit to local charities and names these charities and good causes.

Our competitors take the money of any advertiser without checking that they are qualified, honest and reliable with professional qualifications.

Too many businesses out there in the wide world are not as honest as we want them to be including a few publication owners.

David and Roma started this publication to protect the public from unscrupulous traders and will not promote any trader who cannot provide adequate references.

If we have mistakenly promoted a business that turns out to be unprofessional and with a shark mentality, we will remove them without hesitation, regardless of the length of time they have been with the Tried and Trusted.

Our founder has never taken any money from the publication; on the contrary, he has given over £10,000 of his own money to the donation pot. Unfortunately, due to bizarre and economic circumstances, he will not be able to give any more of his money to the donation pot.

He said he will not take any money from the magazine as his expenses and will continue to pay for postage, membership of the FSB, the website and using his car in conjunction with magazine business.

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It used to be the Borehamwood Post then the Borehamwood Times for the local community. It is no more it is combined with the Barnet Borough news. It is no longer delivered but is available free of charge from Tesco and Morrison’s. This is the fate of many newspapers and magazines. The Tried and Trusted is the only private publication that is delivered to selected homes as well as businesses in Aldenham, Borehamwood, Elstree, Shenley, and London Colney and along the Edgware Mill Hill Border. In the course of a year up to 25,000 letterboxes receive this publication some once a year but most get it twice a year, We turn down more businesses than we promote as we have very high standards that many businesses are unable to commit to our principles of Honesty, Reliability, Professionalism and giving you value for your money. We know we have lost many advertisers to the Internet and we regret that in the next few years this publication may no longer exist DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN
Five local charities shared £2500.00 from the profits of the Tried and Trusted
Elstree and Borehamwood Museum, Essex and Herts Air ambulance, Hertsmere Community Transport, Hertsmere Mencap  and the Visually Impaired Club.  to date we have donated almost £37,500 to local charities since 2013

Sasha Capocci

publisher from January 2019 to the present

Patrick O'Donnell

Editor from 

May 2015  to the present 

over 50,000 Visitors since September 14th 2009.


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Our new owner Sasha Capocci is famous for her cake making and donates them to local good causes 
Honesty, reliability, professionalism, and value for money are our core principles.
We insist that all traders in the Tried and Trusted must adhere to these principles. If any of these principles are not accepted we will have no hesitation but to remove the offender from our publication and web site. It is incumbent upon us to only promote those traders who agree to those terms and conditions.

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The uncertainty of Brexit and the delays by further extensions have hit many local and national businesses.

Once Brexit has been resolved; confidence in business will return.

Many of our former advertisers say they will return to support the charities and principles of the Tried and Trusted magazines

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Autumn was not published as a separate entity. We apologies for this situation that was beyond our control. 

The next edition will be available before the 7th of December 2019